A Tour of Apartment 203

Seems like a lot of blogging ladies have been making moves lately. And even though I can’t be there to help them unpack a box or cook a homemade meal for them, its really nice to see their homes and take a glimpse into their daily lives. And it’s because of them I’ve found enough courage to share my new walls with you too! Thanks Jaymee ;)

observant nomad | apartment preview | dining area

observant nomad | apartment preview | flowers

observant nomad | apartment tour | dining detail

First stop on the apartment tour? The dining area. I’m really happy that in this new place I have a designated area for dining that doesn’t feel so seperate from the living space. The floor plan is pretty open (which is why I chose it) so I can cook while Rus is watching TV or I can have friends sit and chat while we make dinner.

I’ve also put in a little mini bar to whip up some classic cocktails for friends. Right now it’s a small curated collection, but I can’t wait to add more specialty items to it. I’m also searching around for a rug for underneath the dining table. I’m leaning towards a rustic navajo patterned one… Oh it’s so beautiful in my head. Do you love the pendant lamp? I installed it all by myself which pretty much felt like getting a badass patch in Girl Scouts. ‘Efficient Electrician’ or something of that sort.

observant nomad | apartment preview | couch

observant nomad | apartment preview | coffee table

A while back Bre posted about DIYing her Karlstad sofa into a more mid-century look, and I’ve been dying to do the same. But she turned me on to the idea of tufting my sofa too! Which I’ll be looking into after the holidays.

Also shout out to Jaymee for hooking me up with the info on her rug. Got it for a steal and love love love it. RugsUSA has deals on the same one from time to time. It’s not too shaggy, just the right amount, and it feels very soft underfoot. So far it’s stayed pretty white and has held up.

Do you like those gold sculptural spheres? You might recognize them from when I made a DIY post. You can make some too. See they work both as a mobile and an interesting piece for your coffee table. ok,ok done with the self promo.

observant nomad | apartment preview | record playing

observant nomad | apartment preview | records

Ok. I’m a record fiend. I find the more I buy the more I only want to listen to records. I used to go to the record store every Sunday morning, but since I’ve moved further away, I haven’t gone as often as I’d like to.

But this Friday I made the pilgrimage and grabbed Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited, which sounds so spectacular that its the only thing I’ve listed too all weekend. Oh and say hello to my beautiful soft wood acoustic guitar – Tanya. Yup I name my guitars. Hi, Tanya.

observant nomad | apartment preview | dresser

observant nomad | apartment preview | bed

observant nomad | apartment preview | records

And finally, the bedroom. My vanity has become an accidental shrine to Spain, and is full of memorabilia I collected when I lived there. Moroccan tea glasses turned candle holders, a silky teal scarf from Barcelona, and a black and white photo I took of the Sagrada Familia.

I’ve really enjoyed having my own space again and especially one so close to a large park and great grocery store. I like that I can still walk and ride my bike to places close by. Although I have to admit while I love the apartment I kinda miss my old stomping grounds.

My old neighborhood had so much energy and different kinds of life all the time. So it’s been a little bit of adjusting to my quieter surroundings. Once I get some more organization installed and finish a couple more projects I think the apartment will be all but finished. Can’t believe how much progress I’ve made in such a short amount of time!

What do you think?

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Thanks for the tour!!

I’m so jealous you have been able to decorate so quickly! The actual act of moving drained my bank account so our place is still pretty bare bones. I love, love, love what you’ve done with the place!


Oh I get it girl, my pockets were pretty bare too! Although a little styling of what I already had goes a long way ;)

SHUT UP. We are such twins it’s unreal. Not only do we have the same couch and plan to do the same thing, but I also have placed that same pillow over a blanket on the left side. Hahaha. Awesome. And I have the same kitchen chairs, draped with furry things. And the IKEA cube unit. And the same light over our kitchen tables.

Okay that’s it, for now at least. ;) Well, now I want to make those gold sculptures!



Haha! Ok, we’re bordering on some strange alternate universe thing now. Did it feel like you were touring your own place a little bit? ;)

Ooooh I wanna see the grey blanket on your bed! It looks cute! I love that you’ve setup your own vanity. I totally want to do that instead of constantly spreading a mess out over my bathroom.


Thanks! Having an area for my makeup is a little better than the bathroom – but I’m still figuring out how I’m using the space right now. I’m sure it will look 100% different in a few months :)

Lady, your home is stunning! I’m also drooling over your site design.