4 Simple Goals

I’ve followed A Beautiful Mess for a while and love those two gals quite a bit. I really respect and admire what they’ve been able to accomplish in the course of running their blog and businesses. Well, recently Elsie blogged about 4 simple goals that she wanted to accomplish before the end of the year.

After reading her post and thinking about what she had to say, I decided that I wanted to join in too. So I sat down last night and thought a lot about goals and what kind of person I wanted to be. Instead of setting large or abstract goals, I followed her instructions and focused on choosing ‘action focused’ tasks that ‘make your life richer and happier on a daily basis.’

And here they are…


I’m really excited about all of these small goals for different reasons. I was feeling especially blah last night and thinking through each of these goals really helped me feel better. I love how simple they are and attainable (no disappointingly lofty goals here). I’m also happy that these goals are kind of a sneak attack on some bigger goals I have right now, like being active again, working on a shop concept, and photographing more. Win win!

glasses | yogi necklace | camera | bracelet | towel (simular)

What do you think?

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Great! I also have some smaller goals for the year – reading every day, yoga, get back to a ritual of walking and learning meditation. Sounds like we might have a little bit in common. :)

Another beautifully made graphic! Great use of typefaces.