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Estes Park, CO: Opening Early





Us Coloradans love our National Parks. We love them so much that when the government shut down, the state of Colorado spent the extra money to re-open (and re-employ the rangers in) Rocky Mountain National Park earlier than expected.

So we headed down to Estes Park a couple weekends ago to visit Rocky Mountain National Park and to walk around the cute mountain town. We first stopped at an Irish pub and grill and had some burgers and Estes Park brews. Then after walking up and down the road window shopping we headed into the park.

It’s elk rutting season, where large bulls come out and make these really amazing loud bugles and even sometimes fight for the ladies. They bugle to call to their harem (hehe – legit science term for a group of female elk) and to also let near by males know of their presence. In person elk are quite large and actually very graceful.

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Amazing pictures. I can’t believe you live near a place like this.