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They say moving is one of the most stressful things we have to do in our lives. Unfortunately this will be the second move in the past 4 months. I’ve been really struggling at my current place with the environment of that living situation and decided after some interesting life lessons that it was best for me to move on (yay for being an adult!)

I was so nervous, scared, and worried about making another move so soon. It was pretty impossible to find a place that I liked, in an area I loved, within my budget. But karma was on my side (after all I’ve had to put up with) and I landed this perfect little spot to call home this second time around.

After moving tomorrow the decorating will begin! I love opening the door to this clean slate, full of potential and waiting for me to let my creative ideas fill it up. The first challenge to tackle is the age ol’ dilemma for renters… to paint, or not to paint.

That tan/beige wall above isn’t so bad… ok it’s pretty unsightly. How I would love to paint everything a crisp clean Benjamin Moore Moonlight White. But I still haven’t decided if I want to take on painting this entire apartment right away. And then painting it all back when I move out. Yikes.

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For me, decorating is actually a challenge. Even though I seem to be obsessed with great interiors, I can never seem to love what I arrange myself. It’s a learning process. So I threw together this little collage of the decor I’m especially drawn to, to help me visualize what kinds of items I want to fill my home with.

Surprise! It’s truly scandinavian in style – full of bright white and contrasting darks, letting natural textures like wool, wood, metal, and greenery shine. I absolutely love this combination, it helps the space feel modern and simple yet cozy and inviting.

observant nomad - moving wish list itemsitems | lamp | rug | table | basket | plant

Since I’ve known for a little while that I was moving, I’ve been collecting a wish list of items I wanted for my new home. I have a lot of basics, but a new space is a great change for a fresh start.

I’ve daydreamed about this souk rug ever since I saw it on DesignLoveFest. And I think metal baskets are a great way to add an industrial feel in small pieces. I’ve always wanted a big beautiful fiddle-leaf fig plant ever since I saw one on Door Sixteen. So you can safely bet I will be running around buying these as soon as I can get everything into my new place.

Here’s to fresh starts. And breathing new life into your soul.

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Ahhh congrats! I remember our conversation by the pool about your living situation lol. We just moved too so I TOTALLY feel your pain about decor. The challenge I’m faced with is decided what to do with each room because they are already all painted different colors. I’m not sure if this makes things harder or easier. I’ll report back haha!


Alwaus thinking of you…and especially as you do this. Great decision, all my support and love!

Amen! To new starts and pretty decorated houses!

gorgeous inspiration! Congrats on the new space, too :) I bet it will be lovely once you’re all settled in. Moving can be stressful, unfortunately…. but the feeling of a fresh start is an exciting one. Good luck :)


I love that feeling! It’s always exciting and I get a rush of creative projects tackle :)

What a great and honest post. It’s so hard to make those difficult decisions, but more often than not it’s worth it. I hope you share your space once you’re finished decorating. I’m sure it’ll be gorgeous no matter what you do!


Aw thanks Kory! You’re always so sweet. I’m taking an online Skillshare class on interior styling – so let’s hope I learn something from it!

i feel the exact same way. i think i’m effing brilliant at finding inspiration but putting it all together is so not as easy… we just moved last year and are planning to do it again asap. and i’m one of those people who won’t fully unpack ever. also we have the same taste. and i like your blog A LOT A LOT. so happy to find it!


Thanks and right back at you – I really LOVE everything you’re doing!