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Isn’t this place magical? The decor and surrounding grounds at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs are so beautiful and bright.

The pool is retro, quirky and perfectly cool. The rooms are bright, modern and understated art hangs above the beds. I also enjoyed a few breakfasts at the King’s Highway – and I fell in love with Stumptown Coffee’s cold brew while I was there!

I was at the Ace a couple weeks ago for a designer event called Designer Vaca. It was full of talented women all out there hustling and pushing their creative limits, I mean just look at who came.

After the trip I had a great sense of not only gratitude and inspiration, but also a lot of questions. Questions about myself, the path of my career, and what I want to be doing everyday.

A few times during our panels, everyone wanted to know what the ‘secret key’ was to some of the other girls’ careers. Megan Gilger’s answer really resonated with me. She said to ‘find the thing you’re passionate about and go and do it.’ Do it everyday all day until you’re tired and exhausted and then get up and do it again.

It helped me to realize that there’s no secret ingredient. Just follow your passion wholeheartedly and let everyone know about it. That is what opens yourself up to the opportunity of success. Woah. It sounded idealistic, crazy, naive… and full of courage. Courage to smile at the naysayers, to shrug off the people who doubt you, or the things you tell yourself you can’t do.

So when I came home all I’ve done is think ‘What do I want?’ Do I want my own studio? Do I want to try freelancing full-time? What do I want to make everyday? What do I want my life to look like? Once I can answer these questions then maybe I can begin to discover my dream career. And then learn to take the first step down that path.

Special shout out to all the amazingly kind women who shared a smile or conversation with me at Designer Vaca. Including Candace, Megan (the fresh exchange), Sarah (smitten studio), Giselle, Jaymee (jay adores), Liz (srsly liz), Jen, Vanessa (niorve), Meg, Kathleen, and Becky (chipper things).

What do you think?

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Love this. Thanks for sharing a recap and what you learned.
Hope I can go next year and meet you and the rest of these lovely ladies in person!

PS. LOVE the new look!! You’re killing it.


Thanks Jordan – you’re new work is looking so great! Hope you get to come next year.

I love love loved getting to meet and hang with you! I love our Instax and its gonna go up in my new workspace inspiration board soon :)


I loved getting to hang with you too! Your new place looks so cute :)


Killer pics! Love the retro look too. Looks alot like something from the late 50’s early 60’s – what I call the martini years. Your pretty sexy too! :)

Girl! You are seriously making me wanna go back! Thanks for the shout out and photo love. Missing you and wishing we lived closer! I know when you find the answers to your questions, you’ll absolutely rock it – like you’re already doing. Glad I get to follow along!


Maybe a road trip your way will be in my future ;) Thanks for all your sweet words and kindness (esp when I really needed it).

It was so good to meet you Brianna! I love the way you captured the ACE here. I’ve yet to hang my “every 12 seconds” canvas (that you inspired me to purchase!) – I’m trying to find the perfect spot for it. <3


Back at ya Kathleen – I haven’t hung mine either! It’s too gorgeous for one place.

Love your photos!!! So glad we got to chat and hang out together at The Ace!!! Looking forward to next time :) xoxo