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After traveling a few times up and down the globe, I’ve gotten into a packing rhythm. There are some key basics that I always pack no matter the occasion, climate, or adventure. I decided to share some of my basic items I take with me on every trip I go on. From clothing to beauty I want to share with and learn from you guys too. So let’s start with the clothing…

travel five wear

1. chambray or denim shirt
i know you have one of these. and if you don’t i’m not quite sure what other genius trends you’re forgoing – but this one is worth it. between it’s cotton breathability, durability and versatility it’s quite perfect. i like to wear mine over leggings on the flight, as a light jacket in the desert, or layered with some chunky sweater in the frigid cold. i love that it looks put together and yet approachable.

2. leggings
ok, dur. i know every girl lives in these things, but when you travel the insight here is what kind of leggings you buy. now i don’t go for the flimsy cotton woven kind, cause you’ll get holes in them, they look dirty easy, and i don’t know anyone who stays warm in the $5 kind. These babies are athletic leggings. they are thicker, sturdier, and don’t get dirty so easy. they have more spandex so you dont get that weird knee bunch after the first day of wearing them.

3. black tunic tank
ok this is probably the hardest working item in my travel arsenal  sometimes i pack two or three! i literally love wearing them. i only have them in black because it’s a more sophisticated color and doesn’t show dirt as easily (seeing a theme here?). during the day, i wear them as t’s under my chambray. when the night hits, i un-scrunch the bottom and it becomes a mini dress, adding a black mini skirt underneath makes it longer but still attractive for going out.

travel five wear 2

4. mid-weigh scarf
scarves are travelistas’ best kept secret. you see a girl rocking (a real / not fashion) scarf off the plane – you know she’s done this a few times. when shopping for your travel scarf, you want the perfect weight. heavy enough to be a decent blanket on the airplane, yet light enough to wear around your neck in 75 degree weather – because you will do both. its a chic accessory that ups your outfit on the third day of wearing it. i went with a teal color since i wear only black and neutrals. find a color that compliments most your clothing.

5. walking boots
essential. i can’t say it any other way. good walking shoes (that are stylish) are key. go with something neutral and that can look either casual or put together. it’s all about versatility when you’re packing that tiny suitcase. i like relatively flat black leather boots they go with everything and are easy to get on and off. if you have particularly sore feet after a day of walking check out aerosoles flats.  i swear i walked probably 5 miles a day (at least) when I lived in europe – and these always made my feet feel great.

hope that helps you find some new basics for your suitcase. i plan on sharing some more travel basics soon. anything you want to know more about? feel free to drop a suggestion. or tell me what travel basic you swear by…

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Is it bad that these items basically incorporate my day to day non-traveling wardrobe? I live for my black tank tunics. This is a great list and I love traveling with layers. You can never predict the weather in a new city so it’s good to keep your options open. Thanks for sharing!


Ha, no! It just means you’re always ready to fly somewhere ;) I also wear at least one of these items everyday – they’re classics.

This is SO helpful! It inspired me to wear leggings today – so comfy. I need some better ones though. Definitely going to think about those gap ones…

Great post! The more I travel the more knowledge I gain … and I definitely lean towards a very similar look. You can’t beat quality athletic leggings (especially when they make your butt look so good), a good scarf and decent walking shoes. Also, when I was in Paris for my honeymoon recently, it was way colder than I expected, so my chambray shirt, black tank top and scarves kept me going almost the whooooolle time. Amen, sister!


Ha, you just described my go-to outfit. I keep trying to switch things up and come back to these over and over.