Moab II: The Arches

moab part two valley

moab part two wildflowers

moab day two park ave cliffs

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moab part two landscape

moab day one top

moab part two lizard

moab part two arch

moab part two us

moab part two zax

Our second day in Moab was my favorite of the trip. We woke up early, after a good night’s sleep and had a big breakfast. We decided to take advantage of the 80 degrees warm weather with some off-roading over the Fins & Things Trail, which was very thrilling and enjoyable. At some points the jeep was 60 degrees vertical!

We then spent the rest of the day exploring Arches National Park. It’s mostly a driving park that creates a loop throughout all the major view points and arches. The short (but sandy) hike to Landscape Arch is worth it, the arch is impressively huge – spanning over the length of a football field.

We made the final 3 mile hike to Delicate Arch right before sunset and watched as the stone lit up into a lovely orange-red shade. The hike back during the sunset was worth it all. Without it’s usual harsh glare the valley revealed beautiful shades of gold, dark rust, lavender, sage and moss.

We ended our evening in the same manor as the last, and the next day was spent walking around town perusing trinkets and local artwork. We stopped in locally-owned Zax for our last beer and some satisfying slices before hitting the road back to Denver.

Rus and I both talk about ‘when’ we go back, not ‘if’… It’s just that kind of place.