DIY Gold Geometric Mobile

observant nomad | diy gold geo mobile

Geometric shapes make my heart race. And if you follow me onย Pinterest, you know this is no new obsession. So after I started my new living room project, gold geometric decor sounded like the perfect accessory.

observant nomad | gold geo mobile suppliesyou’ll need :

+ a set of 3 or more wooden embroidery hoops
+ gold metallic craft paint
+ glossy clear coat craft paint
+ string, fishing string, or chain (for hanging)
+ foam brushes
+ hot glue gun

observant nomad | gold geo mobile paint

1 | Start by removing the tightening screws on the embroidery hoops.

2 | Apply two coats of metallic gold paint to the hoops, inside and out and on the top metal brackets.

3 | Apply a final coat of glossy clear coat to really make the hoops shine.

observant nomad | gold geo mobile assembled

4 | For each hoop, place the smaller of the two inside the larger perpendicular. Shown above.

5 | Make sure the inside hoop is centered directly below the top bracket.

6 | Apply a small dap of hot glue in between the two hoops below the bracket and at the bottom where they intersect.

7 | Tie your string from the brackets. Attach each sphere to the other with each string. Paint gold if you’d like.

8 | Once dry, hang and enjoy your gold geo mobile!

observant nomad | gold geo mobile final


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YES PLZ. Holy crap this is awesome.


Yay! I’m so happy you like. My first attempt at diy seems successful to me :)


Like! The picture is fantastic!!

Ahh! These are awesome. I never do DIY projects, even though there are a million I want to try. This might be there first one!!!

Oh wow, I love this! Thanks for sharing!

This is so easy and so great!