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Observant Nomad | Chapter 2

At the start of every year its no surprise to get those ‘fresh beginning’ posts in your feed, but my timing is purely coincidental. I wasn’t sure if I should’ve posted about this or not, but for the sake of this blog’s purpose, I think it’s only right to highlight the ups and downs of my adventurous life. Because if I didn’t this wouldn’t be much of a personal story, would it?

A couple weeks ago, before Christmas actually, my current 9-5 job was cut. I had been working at an agency for over two years and started there straight after college. We lost a client, and therefore people had to go.

I got the news days before our holiday break and was mostly numb and in shock from the whole experience. I admit, sometimes I had imagined what it would look like when I decided to leave that position. Maybe I’d be accepting a new job at a design firm, or pursuing web design in New York. Heck, even going freelance full-time was a part of my daydreams.

But when that decision was taken away from me, it was a very saddening and hurtful experience. So now here I am, I spent my holidays recuperating with (a lot) of family, food, and sleeping the day away in bed. I’ve had a few leads here and there that haven’t lead to too many places, and am feeling a bit down about the whole situation.

I feel a little overwhelmed since I haven’t really decided what it is exactly I want to pursue. Is it another agency position? More development or design? Would I want to move to another city for what I want? Or would I take that unplanned risk of leaping into freelance full-time?

Figuring out what you want to be when you grow up wasn’t easy when you were 8. And it’s doesn’t get easier with age. I have faith that I’ll sort through it in time. I believe (with the help of some positive people in my life) that what feels right will reveal itself, as long as I keep an open mind.

In the meantime, I’ve been stacking on new freelance clients to make up for being less than busy. So look forward to seeing some new moodboards and design work upcoming on the blog. I can’t wait to show you guys what we come up with! So here’s to the next chapter, and whatever that may bring.

[ photo by johanna egemar ]

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I have been thinking of my previous wonderful coworkers for weeks. I can say with confidence that you will land on your feet. I’ve always loved your eye for design.

You can do anything.
You have been given an amazing opportunity.


Thanks so much B! Your support means a lot.

Although I don’t totally know your position, I feel so similar. With bills and such, being in school isn’t much of an excuse to not work. I’ve been trying to take on more freelance work as well, and I’m hoping by the time I graduate next year I’ll be in the position to support myself fully with freelance (wishful thinking?).

I really feel like design jobs are so specific to certain parts of the country. I hate to think that if I want a specific kind of job, I’d have to uproot from my family and experience a whole new place. Eeek!

Hang in there, though. With patience and perseverance, you’ll overcome this difficult point.


Well I know a few designers who went that route, working before you graduate will definitely help you there. And remember that taking a risk – like moving is another big adventure. Thanks for your sweet words.


Well said. You have all my love and support.

Gah. My husband got laid off, and right before Christmas break. So sorry, but it sounds like you are taking it on as an opportunity! I try to be optimistic for him. He’s pretty disappointed because we are working to put him through school so it’s hard to know if we are going to be able to swing classes for him. He just started a temp job today, and is suppose to find out about a position at a hospital. Hang in there! I can’t wait to see your new work :-)

Sometimes new beginnings come in the least convenient ways, but if anyone were going to bounce back and kick ass after such a hard event, it would be you. Excited to see some moodboards and proud of your good attitude B. Love ya.