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I’m one of those people who spend all night after my full-time job, on the computer working on side projects, surfing the internet, and pinning great finds. Whenever I work on freelance projects I spend nights under the harsh bulbs of my kitchen table or sunken into my thrift store couch. No bueno.

Ironically, I whole heartily believe that creating a beautifully designed surrounding inspires quality work (so what have I been making?). So I decided one of the things I wanted to do for myself (and my freelance clients) was to build a new space dedicated solely to cultivating my creativity.

To get brainstorming on what kind of space I wanted to build, I started scouring some of my favorite interior design blogs to get ideas for the types of workspaces I liked, or exactly what kind of feeling I wanted to achieve.

I found out that I’m really drawn to big open spaces with great natural light, white, white and more white, drafting tables, and obviously I adore Eames Molded Plastic Chairs. What are some of your favorite workspace finds?

1. Ikea Vika Amon & Lerberg Desk Parts 2. Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. No Parking Sign 3. Ikea Eivor Throw 4.West Elm Industrial Task Table Lamp 5. Farrah Sit Ceramic Cup & Ikea Prydlig Tape Dispenser 6. Herman Miller Eames Plastic Molded Chair 

What do you think?

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Personally I love the big table. But I need a serious chair! One that rolls! Ha ha!