Chevy Classics

Super Chevy Show - Gold Parkwood

Oh who doesn’t love some gratuitous classic car pics? I mean they’re shiny, candy colored, and have the most perfectly curvy lines. This weekend I went to the Super Chevy Car Show with my man and some friends. The show was held at the Bandimere Speedway, a not so far away race track from Denver that hosts car shows, drag races, and swap meets.

Super Chevy Show - Turquoise Bel Air

Super Chevy Show - Orange Chop

There had to be all kinds of Chevys. Some completely modified, others had all original parts. Most accompanied by a sentimental story involving an aunt passing away or a grandfather’s impulse purchase.

All of them were bright, freshly polished, and each one special. A level of detail and craftsmanship so professional, it was moving. One gentleman, Mr. Bandimere to be exact, had his Bel-Air repainted six times just to get a perfect turquoise match to the original color. I could feel all of their pride just radiating off the skin.

Super Chevy Show - Fins

After pursuing the isles of Chevy beauties we sat and watched the 1/4 mile drag races, eating greasy BBQ and sweet potato fries. I took measure of the engines’ deep roars and the ear shattering blast of their take off. The beasts could move!

The showmanship was extreme. Men lined around sitting in folding camping chairs perfecting the ‘too cool for school’ scowl. Each one more excited than the last to offer a better view of the cars, just for my photo op. My favorite show stopper? Sprinkling the black top with silver glitter so it would dazzle in the sun, reflecting in the highly polished sides of his Camaro.

Cause real men don’t mess around. They use glitter.

Super Chevy Show - Glitter

It was a real treat sharing this experience with my guy, he’s an ex-mechanic who earned his stripes around a 350 small block with his Grandpa. Hearing him share his knowledge and deep love for something so beautiful was really special. Isn’t there something amazing when you’re learning from your significant someone? I think it really makes you appreciate them so much more.

*All photos by Observant Nomad

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