Quintana Roo

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If there’s one thing that remains in your mind about Quintana Roo, it must be the color turquoise.  The soft teal of the ocean against the white powdered sand beaches. A painted Caribbean Sea that goes on and on for miles until it begins to melt into deeper azul blues and opalescent aquamarines.

This lovely cerulean is found in almost every piece of Mexico. At the local markets, where earthly grooved turquoise rocks are set in sterling silver bracelets. Rippling below the resort pool lies delicate green-blue glass tiles. It flows into every space from frothy shoreline to the fringes of european bikinis.

But not to worry, the gentle mazarine of blue lays as a perfect backdrop to the saturated colors found elsewhere in Mexico. Melting behind exotic coral colored tiered flowers and the fins of black and yellow angelfish.  Framing vividly green cactus and palm trees. Perfectly contrasting the frosty mango margarita on white linen tablecloth.

As a designer, it must be the harmony of colors in Mexico that set me at ease. They move so softly from one to the other, living perfectly in unison as if each one was born from the next, all with confident placement. It’s hard to find a color light or dark, soft or strong, that doesn’t live perfectly here.